5 Health Benefits of Ketogenic Diets You May Not Know

5 Health Benefits of Ketogenic Diets You May Not Know

Ketogenic diets have quickly risen in popularity across all demographics. Many have claimed that low-carb and keto-based diet regimens have helped them solve a variety of chronic illnesses and health problems, while others lambasted the diet as a fad or trend that will fade in time.

Yet time and again, research continues to prove that Ketogenic diets provide many incredible health benefits that go relatively unnoticed in popular culture. Here are ten benefits that come from as keto-based diet that may surprise you:

1. Keto Diets Reduce Your Appetite To Appropriate Levels

A quality keto-based diet can do wonder for your body's appetite. One of the main reasons that so many diet trends and fads fail is because they don't offer the results quickly enough, or they cause excess hunger that leads to binge-eating. Cutting carbs and eating a protein-rich diet is a great way to ensure that you fill up, stay full longer, and don't sneak snacks throughout the day. 

2. Quicker Weight Loss Results

Research consistently shows that a low-carb, protein-rich diet is the best way to quickly shed excess pounds when combined with regular exercise. While many will give up on their healthy resolutions due to a lack of results on the scale, a few weeks with a ketogenic diet will provide ample proof of the diet's efficacy in cutting weight quickly.

3. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

One of the most dangerous health issues in the world is heart disease - the deterioration of your body's cardiovascular system due to the rise of harmful triglycerides. Effective at lowering these harmful levels of blood triglycerides, a keto diet can help you get on the right track of reclaiming your heart health!

4. Balancing of Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels

A closely-followed Keto or low-carb diet can also have great benefits for those who struggle with diabetes or other insulin-related illnesses. By removing food sources that lead to higher levels of blood sugar, a keto diet can help you balance your levels and maintain better energy levels all day!

5. Benefits For Many Brain Disorders

It may surprise you that a diet can help many of today's most chronic brain disorders. The amount of blood sugar that the brain requires to function appropriately can be hindered when your body is burning fuel inefficiently due to a bad diet. A move toward a ketogenic diet can help your liver and other vital organs to produce the proper levels of blood sugar more naturally and have been shown to alleviate some symptoms of epilepsy and seizure-related illnesses. Studies are ongoing as to keto's effects on other neurological disorders.

Convinced? It May Be Time To Give Keto A Try!

The health benefits of a ketogenic diet continue to pour in, and more and more skeptics are joining the ranks of believers. If you are curious as to the way a keto diet could help you, head over to Proudly Pure. We strive to provide access to the highest-quality food that meets all keto-based diet restrictions, while also providing a delicious alternative to many of your favorite snacks and meals! 

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