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Organic Pomegranate Powdered Juice Packed with Antioxidants


  • FRESH POMEGRANATE – Highly nutritious powdered drink made from fresh and organic pomegranate with loads of natural nutrients
  • USDA CERTIFIED – Certified organic powdered drink packed with antioxidants and other vitamin essentials
  • GREAT TASTE – Our pomegranate drink is great tasting and made from all-natural ingredients without any added preservatives
  • HEALTHY JUICE – Guaranteed only the highest quality and nutritious ingredients without sacrificing the taste of your go-to drink. No sugar, no added preservatives. Just real pomegranate!
  • ALL AROUND MIXES – This powdered drink is also perfect for baking and other food preparations. Great tasting all-natural pomegranate conveniently packed in a sealable pouch

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